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Mario vs. Metroid

My friends and I were discussing our favourite games from the past and present and one (bookerlee) started asking difficult questions, making us choose between 2 great games. We then somehow decided to choose games within franchises. Which lead us to Mario vs. Metroid, to see which series did better overall. I was asked to compile a list of 6, 3 games from each series. The rules were:

“Choose 3 Marios and 3 Metroids and assemble them in a top 6. You cannot pick 2 games from the same console, i.e, you cannot pick Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2. You can however pick Super Metroid and Super Mario World.”

My list looks like this.

1. Super Mario World
2. Super Metroid
3. Super Mario Galaxy 2
4. Super Mario 64
5. Metroid Fusion
6. Metroid Prime

Looks like I prefer my Mario Bros. games. Interestingly enough, Xavier found it hard to choose between such great games, he instead wrote the games he thought were the worst in both series. Let’s just say he gave no love for the recent Metroid: Other M and continues to non-canonize “Super Mario Bros. 2” or Super Mario USA, its original Japanese title. No love for Birdo. 😦

The other usual suspects didn’t have much to comment on the 2 franchises. Next we will choose 2 franchises that were more common within the group.

Bike Paint Job Complete

My mountain bike looks awesome with it’s new paint job. Although the paint isn’t perfect at parts, I love how it finally looks. It cost less than £30 to get everything and a few days work. Thanks to Hus, Zinc and my Baba for the extra help. After a test ride today, everything is good, just need to adjust the front brakes and oil the chain.

VG Collection: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars is your fighting game fix for the Wii. If you have a Wii and like fighting games, get this and you won’t be disappointed. Don’t think of this as Nintendo Wii’s Street Fighter (as there are only 3 characters from the Street Figher series) but as Capcom’s latest ‘Vs. Series.’ The first good proper Wii game to use the classic controller (for me anyway…).

New hair cut (reason why I am featured in the photo) 🙂

Right now my favourite picks are Nasshan, Jun the Swan, Chun-Li, Tekkeman and MegaMan Volnutt. Probably pick Frank West (from Dead Rising) once I unlock him. Online is flawless, played a few matches with my friend Zinc which were lag free. Look forward to playing others too, hook me up with your friend codes boys!

Update: Tekkeman Blade, Zero and Joe the Condor are the real heroes of the game. Unlock them now!