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The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony


Last night I arrived at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo with my bro Xavier Perez ready to see a musical masterpiece. Fans from all around Europe showed up. I picked up quite a number of StreetPass hits on my 3DS, Miis from Spain, Netherlands and wherever else. We saw a few cosplayers dressed up as Link, Zelda, Sheik etc. Saw someone with a Keaton mask (where is my local Happy Mask Shop?) and even a Minish cap.


The lobby was packed. People were playing Skyward Sword, I think they also had past Zelda titles there too. Paid £25 for a t-shirt (got bumped but how often do Nintendo do events like this?). Posters were £20, that was a bit much don’t you think? While upstairs, we recognised that chap from Xbox Live – MrPointyHead (I think that’s his name). What the hell was he doing there? He got caught!


We had some best seats as well. The concert was amazing. They played quite a few of my favourite pieces. We were surprised to see Zelda Williams (Robin Williams daughter) be the special guest host. She did a good job of winning the fans over. But the real surprise was when legend himself Koji Kondo came out and performed a piano solo. It was unbelievable. It was definitely the best concert/event I have ever been to. I loved it. Can’t wait to get the soundtrack with Skyward Sword.


Random Thoughts – Can I see your ID?

The world we live in today is a joke. People get upset way too easily. Speaking with Mr. Xavier Perez yesterday about Challenge 21 etc. Apparently in the world of retail, if you are checking the age of someone you now have to ask for ‘proof of age’ instead of asking for ID. Why? Because it is offensive. Or inappropriate. Bloody hell man. You are also not allowed to touch their driving license, passport or whatever ‘proof of age’ they are showing because it’s their property. It’s a joke. Too many rules for simple things. Most people wouldn’t care how you ask, it’s the asking to begin with that’s the offensive part. Even so, I see it as a compliment. You are implying that they look young. Most people want to look young. Crazy shit.

Also, I just went to Starbucks. In fact, I’m sitting in Starbucks now sipping on burnt coffee in a cardboard cup that cost be more than my iPhone case. Anyway, the chick at the till asked for my name. If she was hot I’d be on that shit but in this case she was merely average. She wrote ‘Del’ on the cup. What the fuck is this? I should have taken offensive, filed a complaint, and enforce new rules. The way things are going they won’t be allowed to look you in the eye.

Sometimes I wish we were cavemen. We’d eat, shit, fuck and kill. This cappuccino was quite nice actually.

Meaning of my name

I always told people that my first name ‘Deren’ meant organise or organiser in Turkish. I decided to actually look it up and see what my full name means in Turkish or wherever my names came from.


  • one who gathers (Turkish)
  • picks flowers (Turkish)
  • gift (Irish)


  • early rising sun (Turkish)
  • complaisant (Turkish)
  • a good running horse (Turkish)


  • close true friend or spouse (Turkish)

Ok so organiser – one who gathers, that is pretty much the same thing. Picks flowers? Bruv, the only time I’m picking flowers is in Animal Crossing. Could say I do that I guess. And it looks like the Irish are right by saying I’m a gift. Then again, they are responsible for Jedward…

My middle and Father’s name came up with some interesting results. Early rising sun sounds cool. Complaisant, you could say that my father and I are complaisant but A GOOD RUNNING HORSE?… My dad is a chauffeur so fair enough :P.

My family name’s meaning is quite nice. I guess people would refer to me as their close friend. Spouse, no. ‘Halil’ is actually more commonly used as a first name. A lot of Turks comment how my surname is strange. I guess the English equivalent of my name would be ‘Darren Harry.’

This posts marks my 99th blog entry. 100th is up next, however I won’t do some mammoth blog entry like my pal Xavier did for his 200th. I will think of something cute.

Now: Talking video game music with Xav

Talking to Mr. Xavier Perez online. We are sharing trivia and memories of our favourite music from video games. Metroid, Super Mario, Donkey Kong, hell we are talking about Blast Corps as I am typing this post! People laugh at guys like us who listen to video game music, but it’s a big fucking deal. My friend, who knew I liked video game music, was shocked to see me listening to it in my car. Video game music is the real shit, get on it boys and girls. Epic stuff.

Mario vs. Metroid

My friends and I were discussing our favourite games from the past and present and one (bookerlee) started asking difficult questions, making us choose between 2 great games. We then somehow decided to choose games within franchises. Which lead us to Mario vs. Metroid, to see which series did better overall. I was asked to compile a list of 6, 3 games from each series. The rules were:

“Choose 3 Marios and 3 Metroids and assemble them in a top 6. You cannot pick 2 games from the same console, i.e, you cannot pick Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2. You can however pick Super Metroid and Super Mario World.”

My list looks like this.

1. Super Mario World
2. Super Metroid
3. Super Mario Galaxy 2
4. Super Mario 64
5. Metroid Fusion
6. Metroid Prime

Looks like I prefer my Mario Bros. games. Interestingly enough, Xavier found it hard to choose between such great games, he instead wrote the games he thought were the worst in both series. Let’s just say he gave no love for the recent Metroid: Other M and continues to non-canonize “Super Mario Bros. 2” or Super Mario USA, its original Japanese title. No love for Birdo. 😦

The other usual suspects didn’t have much to comment on the 2 franchises. Next we will choose 2 franchises that were more common within the group.

Xav Perez – Daft Punk Megamix 1

My good friend Xavier recently purchased DJ Hero for Xbox 360. After playing the game for a good while, we started recording video of us playing. It’s starting to become a regular thing, playing music games (including Rock Band) and filming ourselves looking like morons. But come on, it’s fun! 🙂 Here is a video I will share with you. Hope you like it. More to come soon!

Denzo jamming on DJ Hero... early noob attempt