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Now: Snooze you lose

So I start work today at 6am. Been up since about 2am. Times like these you have 2 options.

(1) Stay up – less sleep, get to eat a good breakfast, drink coffee, take your time getting ready, no rushing, no traffic, officially start your working day feeling awake and energised.

(2) Snooze – get more sleep, on the go breakfast (if you’re lucky), rush to get ready, hit traffic, feel groggy, feel tired all day, feel negative.

The first option is more logical yet its not always easy to actually get out of bed, especially if you had a late night. One thing I find that helps is to drink a glass of water straight away when your alarm is screaming at you to wake up.

This morning I finished watching The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Decent film. It is what it is. Good old Netflix.

Bus Stopping

Every time I go to work I drive to the car park and take the bus to the terminal. Now I have to share the bus with people going abroad too. And days like today, the bus is full of noobs. And there is always one jabroni who seems to constantly press the stop button. Which makes the WORST EVER NOISE. And at 5am it’s very annoying and makes me feel sick.

My day today

My day today will go as follows: Work*, Sleep**, Wrestling, Sleep**, Work*.

*shift starts at 5am
**not guaranteed

Update: I managed to sleep twice, about 6 hours in total which isn’t bad at all. Wrestling training was very good, had a decent match at the end. Work also isn’t too bad either, not much to do. Was an eventful night/day. I even managed to see my girl and watch 8 Mile! 🙂

Jobber or Romeo?

It was a normal day at work yesterday (for those who don’t know, I am a bartender at a London airport). I was doing the usual serving of customers when one 20-something man next in queue was staring into space with his rucksack on one shoulder and his guitar at his feet. When I called “can I help you mate?” he sort of had a nervous side step and approached the bar. I thought it was very early, he mustn’t have had any sleep. He ordered a pint of Heineken. He told me he was very nervous. I assumed he was doing a one man show where ever he was travelling to because of the guitar. He then ordered a shot of tequila as well. I asked why he was nervous, by this point I thought he was afraid of flying. He then told me he was flying to Munich Germany to meet someone. I questioned him more, thinking he met someone online. He told me that he met a German girl visiting England, they spent 2 days and 1 night together (oi oi!) and both fell in love before she had to go back home. I proper felt for the guy. He was quite good looking, he had some Kurt Cobain thing going on. The girl must have been a stunner. He was quite nervous. Talking to the barman (the part where I am the hero) probably helped. I wished him all the best after he paid and made his way to the gate.

Now, reading what happened may have glorified the story to seem like a romantic film (reminded me of Before Sunrise) but do you think this guy was being played? Is he a jobber for going all the way to Germany to see a girl. Is it romantic? Is he a hero? Tell me what you think.

Now: Sunbathing after work

Not many people can enjoy the afternoon sun after they have finished work. That is one benefit of starting work in the very early hours of the morning. Got another StreetPass hit today on my 3DS. Tifa, wearing a Samus helmet, with the help of 10 play coins worth of wandering dogs defeated some ghosts and cleared the room smoothly. Also helped remove a light blue shield in the next room. Thank you Tifa!