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Meaning of my name

I always told people that my first name ‘Deren’ meant organise or organiser in Turkish. I decided to actually look it up and see what my full name means in Turkish or wherever my names came from.


  • one who gathers (Turkish)
  • picks flowers (Turkish)
  • gift (Irish)


  • early rising sun (Turkish)
  • complaisant (Turkish)
  • a good running horse (Turkish)


  • close true friend or spouse (Turkish)

Ok so organiser – one who gathers, that is pretty much the same thing. Picks flowers? Bruv, the only time I’m picking flowers is in Animal Crossing. Could say I do that I guess. And it looks like the Irish are right by saying I’m a gift. Then again, they are responsible for Jedward…

My middle and Father’s name came up with some interesting results. Early rising sun sounds cool. Complaisant, you could say that my father and I are complaisant but A GOOD RUNNING HORSE?… My dad is a chauffeur so fair enough :P.

My family name’s meaning is quite nice. I guess people would refer to me as their close friend. Spouse, no. ‘Halil’ is actually more commonly used as a first name. A lot of Turks comment how my surname is strange. I guess the English equivalent of my name would be ‘Darren Harry.’

This posts marks my 99th blog entry. 100th is up next, however I won’t do some mammoth blog entry like my pal Xavier did for his 200th. I will think of something cute.