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Stuff that video games taught me: Ghosts are scared of me


I ain’t afraid of no ghosts! If you ever see a ghastly ghost creeping towards you at the corner of your eye, don’t fear because if you look it’s way it will stop in it’s tracks. That’s what I learnt from virtually every Mario game. Just don’t turn your back on it, because that sucka will get you!

Happy Birthday 3DS

It’s just been 1 year since the launch of my much beloved 3DS and I have 18 games and 54 downloaded games (including virtual console and ambassador games). Wow. It might be too soon to say but I think Kid Icarus: Rising is quickly becoming my favourite. But a quick look on the Activity Log shows what I’ve been playing the most, no surprises there.



I look forward to another great year of handheld gaming. Might pick up a PS Vita at some point to get my portable Mortal Kombat fix! 🙂

Here comes the BOOM


What started off as a curious investment in an alternative Mario Party style game, Boom Street from the get-go impressed me. It has lots of fan service for both Mario and Dragon Quest games. I’m not even a big fan of Dragon Quest but I recognised songs and characters straight away. I really love the acknowledgement of Yoshi’s Island (the stage and the music throughout the game). The game itself is what I call a mature Mario Party, scrapping mini-games and adding more strategy. Kind of like Monopoly. I recommend to anyone who likes party games that don’t involve waggle controls and gimmicks.

Now: Talking video game music with Xav

Talking to Mr. Xavier Perez online. We are sharing trivia and memories of our favourite music from video games. Metroid, Super Mario, Donkey Kong, hell we are talking about Blast Corps as I am typing this post! People laugh at guys like us who listen to video game music, but it’s a big fucking deal. My friend, who knew I liked video game music, was shocked to see me listening to it in my car. Video game music is the real shit, get on it boys and girls. Epic stuff.

Mario vs. Metroid

My friends and I were discussing our favourite games from the past and present and one (bookerlee) started asking difficult questions, making us choose between 2 great games. We then somehow decided to choose games within franchises. Which lead us to Mario vs. Metroid, to see which series did better overall. I was asked to compile a list of 6, 3 games from each series. The rules were:

“Choose 3 Marios and 3 Metroids and assemble them in a top 6. You cannot pick 2 games from the same console, i.e, you cannot pick Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2. You can however pick Super Metroid and Super Mario World.”

My list looks like this.

1. Super Mario World
2. Super Metroid
3. Super Mario Galaxy 2
4. Super Mario 64
5. Metroid Fusion
6. Metroid Prime

Looks like I prefer my Mario Bros. games. Interestingly enough, Xavier found it hard to choose between such great games, he instead wrote the games he thought were the worst in both series. Let’s just say he gave no love for the recent Metroid: Other M and continues to non-canonize “Super Mario Bros. 2” or Super Mario USA, its original Japanese title. No love for Birdo. 😦

The other usual suspects didn’t have much to comment on the 2 franchises. Next we will choose 2 franchises that were more common within the group.