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Stuff That Video Games Taught Me: How to spam

If it wasn’t for projectiles, golden mushrooms and codec messages in video games I probably wouldn’t be the spammer I am today. Spamming is seen as a bad thing, but I think sometimes it is necessary to survive.


It’s games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter that taught me the importance of spamming projectiles. Sometimes you need to throw plenty of tiger shots or hadokens to stop the opponent from getting close, or constantly generating orbs with Reptile until one launches the enemy into the air. This type of spamming has taught me about timing.

Early Mario Karting on the N64 is where I learnt how to utilise the golden mushroom. It’s like having an unlimited supply of regular red mushrooms but for a certain amount of time. Some people think you need to over do the spam and hit the Z trigger as fast as you can but I learnt that a consistent rhythm was the best way to spam the golden mushroom. Over doing spam is what I call ‘noob spamming.’ This has taught me the importance of rhythmic spam.

"These boxes are the worst!"

Anyone who’s played Metal Gear Online or see me play it knows how much I love to annoy everyone and constantly spam codec messages with my character. Every character has their own personal preset messages which is used to communicate with your team when playing online. But there is a fair amount of users in the MGO community who love spamming their codec. I am one of them. It has become apart of my game. Even when I am under fire, I am going out of my way to press select (which brings up the menu) and choosing what I want my character to say. I do this second nature. To me it is much more fun than simply wearing a headset and actually talking in person. This is what makes MGO a special game to play online, it’s not just a typical online shooter. It does get out of hand when you hear about five different people shouting random messages, and spamming them until your ears bleed. I bring this spam technique into my real life by repeating quotes and chants. I do it when playing as goal keeper in football.

VG Collection: Nintendo 3DS, Pilotwings Resort, nintendogs + cats: French Bulldog & New Friends, Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition


It won’t surprise you that I am loving the 3DS. I wanted to buy more games for the launch but did the smart thing and am waiting for the better titles to be released. Dead or Alive Dimensions should be out soon followed by some N64 remakes in June. For the launch I went with the 2 first party games – Pilotwings Resort and nintendogs + cats. I chose the French Bulldog version purely because that is the one with Huskies and German Shepards. Super Street Fighter IV was an obvious choice for a launch day purchase as fighting game fans have longed for a portable Street Fighter game, and one as good as it’s home console counterparts.

Nintendo 3DS: First Impressions

Yesterday I was lucky enough to test out the Nintendo 3DS at a pre-launch event in London. Guests were invited to the event either by Club Nintendo or Eurogamer, and allocated a time slot. Before getting my hands on the device, I was taken in with about 30 others into different rooms where videos were played and the hardware was explained. Actors also put on a show for Street Fighter and Resident Evil. After all that, we were taken in to the main rooms where I could get down and play with 3DS.

The 3D screen looked amazing, was very strange seeing real depth going into the screen without stupid glasses. There is a ‘sweet spot’ where you have to hold the 3DS in front of you to see the 3D properly. After 2 minutes of playing, this becomes second nature. The slider on the side of the screen lets you adjust the 3D level if desired. What I found strange was some games seem to run a lot smoother with the slider all the way down (i.e, 3D off). I don’t know if this that your eyes cannot see 3D at 60fps or if the device cannot handle a high frame rate in 3D. I can imagine enjoying games both ways. With the 3D off, the visuals were still very impressive, this device isn’t just a 3D gimmick like some would think. As for the bottom screen, I think it was a lot clearer than the current DS screens, don’t quote me on that though.

The circle pad is probably one of the best new features added to DS hardware. It felt very comfortable. It works similar to the annoying PSP analogue stick, but feels much better on the thumb and is positioned perfectly. Moving around felt very smooth and responsive. The D-pad has once again been demoted to a lower position. This may be odd for playing games like Super Street Fighter IV 3D, but it’s not a big issue. The other buttons and shoulder buttons are what you expect.

The Home button on all the consoles had been disabled for demoing purposes, but I somehow managed to get passed that and mess around with the system settings and stuff they weren’t ready to show, haha. I also crashed a 3DS showing a Mario Kart video, resulting in a black screen and some terminal code. The girl said I broke it. I tried to enforce the ‘you break it you buy it’ policy on the situation but she wasn’t having it. 😛 All good, all good.

There was a big list of games I tested. Ones worth mentioning are Kid Icarus Rising, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Super Street Fighter IV 3D, Nintendogs + Cats and Resident Evil Mercenaries.

I swear this looked better than it's HD counterparts...
This was emotional. Second time I almost cried playing a game.
Better than Resident Evil 5?
Where's Husky?

The next room featured some more games and the software focused features of the 3DS, such as camera, AR cards and Mii Creator. I managed to sneak back into the first room a few times and play more games! 😀 The beautiful ladies walking around let me do what I want. I know how to have my way with women, you see…

Ladies man!

She was tall, I'm no Alex Kidd midget...

Had a great experience with the new hardware and cannot wait for March 25!