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Now: I am going to hibernate

I have worked 8 days straight, some days early starts. I have a week off where I will probably hibernate and sleep. I will use this time to play Mortal Kombat until my thumbs bleed and try to finish Portal 2. Hopefully PSN goes back online so I can co-op with NeoMatrix27 via PC! Party time at the weekend! Hemdagem’s stag do! 😉

VG Collection: Mortal Kombat, Ridge Racer 3D


I purchased Ridge Racer 3D last week as a treat to myself for my first wages of my new job and a new game to play on my 3DS. The game has a lot to offer for a handheld racing game, only online multiplayer is missing.

Mortal Kombat came early for me (thanks ShopTo.net). I played the hell out of the demo and loved it, and the full game does not disappoint either. I think it could be the best Mortal Kombat game, maybe even greatest fighting game. I love it. Reptile is awesome.

Portal 2 comes out this Friday and a few more 3DS games are out within the next 2 months. But for now I got my companion cube (see photo above) to provide my fix until I buy it.