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Manga for Cyprus

I only really read books when I am on holiday or travelling. During my recent trip to USA I got really into Attack on Titan. I purchased all 15 volumes, and a few of the spin-offs. I also got into Assassination Classroom. Manga really is awesome. So here are some of the manga books I will be taking to my trip to the homeland.

Attack on Titan vol. 16: I cannot wait to read this! Hype! I will probably purchase the Junior High spin-offs at some point (even though I am avoiding them, lol).

Assassination Classroom vol. 2: This will give me some laughs and giggles. It really is one of the funniest concepts for a story I have ever seen. It’s just so random and crazy that you can’t not like it!

Death Note vol. 2: I have read half of it already, so will need to purchase the next few volumes. I know I am behind with Death Note but man is it awesome. I really want to watch the animes too but I will finish the mangas first (as should everyone).

I am behind on Game of Thrones too, need to watch the last 9 episodes. 1 episode per day in Cyprus. Perfect. Nothing like coming back from the beach for an afternoon lie down with something good to watch!

Beware Of The River Rat

Anyone swimming in the Mediterranean sea, look out for this sneaky son of a bitch. He was first spotted swimming across the water from a local beach towards the private beach where I am staying. At first we thought he was just really happy, but when he started following young girls, we thought different. The guy was constantly smiling. I have never seen someone smile so much. His smile is very sadistic. Someone alerted the staff at the hotel and the River Rat was scared off. Yes, he ran away. I unfortunately missed it.

Despite being chased away and threatened, he returned again a few days later. He didn’t follow girls today but he was being carefully watched.

He lurks in the water kids. Don’t fear sharks, don’t be scared of the boogeyman… watch out for the River Rat…