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Google’s Chromecast is awesome. I have had it for a while now and I pretty much use it everyday. Its the easiest way to watch Netflix in my opinion. And if you have an Android device you are able to mirror your screen to your TV. This comes in handy if you want to show a room full of people a photo, video or literally anything on your phone or tablet. You can stream YouTube and anyone connected can queue up videos. Same applies to playing music through Google Play Music. Its pretty cheap to pick up and connects directly to your TV or amp via HDMI. A nice addition to your home entertainment setup!




Now: Snooze you lose

So I start work today at 6am. Been up since about 2am. Times like these you have 2 options.

(1) Stay up – less sleep, get to eat a good breakfast, drink coffee, take your time getting ready, no rushing, no traffic, officially start your working day feeling awake and energised.

(2) Snooze – get more sleep, on the go breakfast (if you’re lucky), rush to get ready, hit traffic, feel groggy, feel tired all day, feel negative.

The first option is more logical yet its not always easy to actually get out of bed, especially if you had a late night. One thing I find that helps is to drink a glass of water straight away when your alarm is screaming at you to wake up.

This morning I finished watching The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Decent film. It is what it is. Good old Netflix.