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It’s been quite a while since I wrote a blog post, and a lot has happened since. I have completed my PT course (awaiting results), I have had my debut pro wrestling match, I have been somewhat converted from Apple to Android (in terms of tablets/laptops) and did eventually buy a PS Vita just for Mortal Kombat :). To some this may not be very interesting at all but to others it may serve as good news.

Anyway, I am blogging from my Android device, the ASUS Transformer Pad TF-300T for those who were wondering, and it is a delight to use. Probably the main reason I am writing this entry :).

Keep it real people, stay safe, and hopefully I’ll get to posting more pointless posts that waste 5 minutes of your life…

PS3 Slim Acquired


What a deal I got on this one. I paid £224.99 and got the 320GB PS3 Slim Infamous 2 bundle – as well as the PS Move Starter Pack, PS Move Heroes and Motorstorm Apocalypse. Benefits of having access to a HMV Duty Free store next to my workplace :). I’ve already set it all up ready for MK (all my saves and DLC). I didn’t realise I missed gaming in my room so much until I got Xbox Live and a working PS3 back. On days like today (for future reference the weather is shit today) there is nothing better than sitting down and playing video games.

Rest In Peace PS3

Today is not a good day for me. Not at all. Forget the PlayStation Network being hacked. Who cares. You’re identity is safe, you bank account details are safe. But my baby is sick. My PS3, original 60GB PS2 backward compatible PS3, is sick. As you can see from the video, I get that damn yellow light. She refuses to turn on. Which means no Mortal Kombat for me. I hear it’s a £140 repair :(. No good. No good at all. I might have to buy MK on 360 for now until I get it fixed. My PS3 is not just for playing MK, I watch DVDs on it every night, and even use it for television. So it’s a big stab in the back. Whereas when my 360 died, It wasn’t a total loss as I don’t play it much and don’t even have Live membership. There should be an NHS equivalent for video game consoles and computers. NO, FUCK YOU APPLE, GENIUS BAR DOESN’T COUNT. You fucking wankers. Oh, since we are on the subject of Apple, iPhone sucks. Texting and typing on iPhone is so fucking stressful nowadays. I type too fast for the device to keep up. Jailbreak or not, I need a new iPhone because Apple don’t support users over 2 months old (slight exaggeration…).

To add insult to injury, I have a trapped SEX AND THE CITY DVD stuck in my PS3. How embarrassing…

Now: PSN


PSN is back online. Hopefully you won’t see this image for a while. The PS Store is not available yet however. Well, time to tear it up with Mortal Kombat. All this time that the servers were down allowed me to master a few characters, so now playing online I am ready to face any jabroni who gets in my way. Also, this Friday, Wii owners are graced with the first worthy Virtual Console download in months. Chrono Trigger. How can I call myself a gamer when I haven’t even played this game? The Irate Turk (my cousin) has been telling me to play Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VII for years. Japanese RPGs are serious.

Now: I am going to hibernate

I have worked 8 days straight, some days early starts. I have a week off where I will probably hibernate and sleep. I will use this time to play Mortal Kombat until my thumbs bleed and try to finish Portal 2. Hopefully PSN goes back online so I can co-op with NeoMatrix27 via PC! Party time at the weekend! Hemdagem’s stag do! 😉

Stuff That Video Games Taught Me: How to spam

If it wasn’t for projectiles, golden mushrooms and codec messages in video games I probably wouldn’t be the spammer I am today. Spamming is seen as a bad thing, but I think sometimes it is necessary to survive.


It’s games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter that taught me the importance of spamming projectiles. Sometimes you need to throw plenty of tiger shots or hadokens to stop the opponent from getting close, or constantly generating orbs with Reptile until one launches the enemy into the air. This type of spamming has taught me about timing.

Early Mario Karting on the N64 is where I learnt how to utilise the golden mushroom. It’s like having an unlimited supply of regular red mushrooms but for a certain amount of time. Some people think you need to over do the spam and hit the Z trigger as fast as you can but I learnt that a consistent rhythm was the best way to spam the golden mushroom. Over doing spam is what I call ‘noob spamming.’ This has taught me the importance of rhythmic spam.

"These boxes are the worst!"

Anyone who’s played Metal Gear Online or see me play it knows how much I love to annoy everyone and constantly spam codec messages with my character. Every character has their own personal preset messages which is used to communicate with your team when playing online. But there is a fair amount of users in the MGO community who love spamming their codec. I am one of them. It has become apart of my game. Even when I am under fire, I am going out of my way to press select (which brings up the menu) and choosing what I want my character to say. I do this second nature. To me it is much more fun than simply wearing a headset and actually talking in person. This is what makes MGO a special game to play online, it’s not just a typical online shooter. It does get out of hand when you hear about five different people shouting random messages, and spamming them until your ears bleed. I bring this spam technique into my real life by repeating quotes and chants. I do it when playing as goal keeper in football.

VG Collection: Mortal Kombat, Ridge Racer 3D


I purchased Ridge Racer 3D last week as a treat to myself for my first wages of my new job and a new game to play on my 3DS. The game has a lot to offer for a handheld racing game, only online multiplayer is missing.

Mortal Kombat came early for me (thanks ShopTo.net). I played the hell out of the demo and loved it, and the full game does not disappoint either. I think it could be the best Mortal Kombat game, maybe even greatest fighting game. I love it. Reptile is awesome.

Portal 2 comes out this Friday and a few more 3DS games are out within the next 2 months. But for now I got my companion cube (see photo above) to provide my fix until I buy it.

Mortal Kombat Demo

Classic battle of warriors

PlayStation Plus users are lucky enough to download the new Mortal Kombat demo today. As a big Mortal Kombat fan I am very excited for the new game.

I have very high hopes for this game and the demo did not disappoint. I made the bold statement that this was one of the best fighting games I have ever played, and this is only an unfinished demo. Very early to make statements like that but I honestly was amazed at how fresh it felt.

The demo allows you to play as four characters (Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Mileena and Johnny Cage). The game has great fan service. I noticed a few little details that gave me shivers, like Scorpions leg takedown from MKII and the music from the living forest stage also from MKII. Each character has combos just like MK3/UMK3 which are easy enough to pull off and great to mix with other special moves. X-ray moves and fatalities are also awesome and fun to pull off. I have already learnt all Scorpion’s move list and am ready for the final game. I look forward to using Reptile, Noob Saibot and Baraka.

Cannot wait for April 19th for me to whoop Kratos’ ass from realm to realm.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for iPhone

I was very surprised to see Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 hit the App Store yesterday. I was unaware this was even being made, especially by Electronic Arts. Along with WB Games, they have brought my favourite fighting game to iPhone, well, with some changes.

For some reason or another, they totally redesigned the graphics. Now at first I was disgusted that they removed every Mortal Kombat fans favourite human 2D sprites but after playing it for quite a bit I have grown to like it. I see it as a kind of warm up for the new game coming next year.

Touch screen controls are never good, especially when it’s a fighting game. But, I must say, apart from the awkwardly placed run and block buttons, it’s not too bad. You have the option to use a 5-button layout, making special moves easier to pull off, but I prefer the 6-button layout.

Despite the lack of characters (Reptile :(), you get your usual achievements/leaderboards stuff. They have also included an extra mode called “Shao Karnage.” This is where you see how much damage you give to the son of gun in a certain time. A mode which I wish they include in the new game, for laughs anyway.

At £3.99 it is a very good purchase. Probably my favourite iPhone game! (And yes I did use my iPad for the screenshot…)