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Metal Gear Solid soundtrack copyright infringement

This is not new news. Most people know that the main theme from Metal Gear Solid and it’s sequel had to be changed from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater onwards because of it’s uncanny resemblance to this. Winter Road by Georgy Vasilevich Sviridov.


Yes, it’s sound very similar. But would I have known about this song if it wasn’t for playing MGS games? Probably not. I actually love Winter Road now. I listen to it often. I do not even see it as a MGS rip-off song (as I heard the MGS version first) or visa versa. It is a great piece of music. I guess people saw a opportunity to make money and took it.

Stuff That Video Games Taught Me: Ration

Playing video games doesn’t make you brain dead or unfit like the media make out to be. I have actually learnt a lot over the years with video games. This is my new segment, stuff that video games have taught me.

Not before I entered the island of Shadow Moses with the great Solid Snake did I know what the word “Ration” meant. I remember playing the demo and seeing a box spinning around on the floor. I must of been about 11 years old, so why would I know what the word meant?