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My Pullblox Levels

Love making things with pixels. So I had to do my usual Mega Man and Samus thing on Pullblox. They make for some interesting levels as well. Anyone who has the game scan the QR code and go nuts! 🙂 I’ll make some more soon.

Apparently this is my 200th post. Wasn’t as epic as you’d think (Thanks a lot Xav)…

Part 1 of the end of my life


I’m actually glad Zelda didn’t arrive today with 3DS’ Mario adventure, gives me a chance to sink my teeth into it properly without being distracted by that gold Wii remote. Yay, more Mega Man manga. More reading to do as well. Where do I find the time? Answer is I don’t…

Bag of Spoils: Manga Books


Started to get into Manga novels recently. I love the artwork in them and am interested in the authors take on the games they are based on. The Legend of Zelda ones are amazing, haven’t read the Mega Man one yet but you can’t go wrong with Udon. I’m not much of a reader but if you involve video games, professional wrestling or bodybuilding in a book I will most likely read it cover to cover.

Mega Man E-Tank Drink

I was feeling tired today in good old London after watching Slovakia beat Italy. I came across this little sweet shop called ‘Cyber Candy’ where I found an E-TANK that restored my energy. They had lots of video game related drinks including Mario Bros., Gears of War and Street Fighter. The drink actually tasted like refreshers blended with water – yuk. It also made my tongue blue. Nevertheless it was good to see video game candy and drinks.

The shop also promised Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack to be played inside but all I heard was J-Pop, oh well.