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Whatever works…

No I don’t mean the Woody Allen film starring Larry David. Recently me and Lexxnovich have been using this phrase for everyday things like when we are cooking or deciding something. And the ‘whatever works’ mentality does exactly what it says… it works!

Me: Shall we eat our food in the kitchen or move into the living room?

Lexx: Yeah whatever works.

We apply this mentality to everything. And it’s good. Less messing about. Get down to business. No longing each other out. Might start a hashtag trend of #WhateverWorks. Who knows, it might catch on…

Oilers vs Blackhawks


Recently, I have started supporting the Edmonton Oilers in the NHL. I never watch hockey. The only reason I started supporting the Oilers is because I am from Edmonton in London, so it made sense to support our Canadian equivalent town. My friend Lexxnovich is a big Chicago Blackhawks fan. So whenever our teams play, I pretend to be a real fan and follow the game. Last time these 2 teams faced off the Oilers pulled an upset and beat the Blackhawks! So hopefully we will do it again! (See, that’s me pretending to be a fan…)

Now: Southfields

This is a ‘return post’ of some sort as I haven’t really posted anything in ages. Right now I am sitting in what appears to be the best place to hang out in Southfields, London. Also known as Starbucks. My good friend Lexxnovich tends to end up here a few times a week. The last few years we seem to take turns hosting a weekend where we’d chill out and have an evening playing videos games or watching movies. And I have the pleasure of staying in what I call the ‘jesus room’. The only place that I know of that you’d walk in a Muslim and leave a Christian! 🙂 (I can thank his mother for that!).

Good times bro! Southfields weekend never disappoints! (rubs face in excitement).

Bag of Spoils: Sackboy, Ned Kelly


More collectables added to my great ‘Bag of Spoils.’ Finally found a life-size Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet. My PS3 now has a companion! 🙂

My good buddy Lexxnovich returned from THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH also known as Brisbane, Australia. He returned baring a strange but now hilarious gift. The Ned Kelly (or BioShock :P) figurine goes well with the others on the shelf. Thank you my Aussie/Russki brother!