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Screw it

I may have kidney problems but I’m not going to allow this jabroni rock in my body stop me living my life. Just had one hell of a work out in the gym, first time in a long time. The rebuilding has started. Time to unleash the beast.

I had a long think about a lot of things in my life while at the gym. Things that I will not utter here online. Personal things.

Random Thoughts 15/09/11

Ok so it’s likely I got a kidney stone. Starting to piss blood (not that I can see it, but Doc says so). I go from 20 minute sharp pains, to 4 hour killer pains, to 20 hour dull pains to a whole day feeling ok. This is the strangest condition I have ever had. I don’t know how I will be the next morning, kind of scary. Hot water bottles helped, drinking cider helped (I suddenly felt dizzy while watching Land of the Dead, not sure if it was the cider or the film…), water and cranberry juice also. Idea is to make myself piss as much as I can. But fuck me is it painful at times. I’ve read it’s the WORST pain to be felt by humans. More so than gunshot wounds, burns and even child birth (that’s right ladies).

Ok enough about pissing and stones. Who’s going to win the match between CM Punk and Triple H at Night of Champions? I’m routing for the COO of the WWE, Triple H. The Game, The Cerebral Assassin! I’m liking CM Punk’s rebellious gimmick, but I’m always a Triple H fan. I’d prefer him to be a full time wrestler again though, ain’t going to happen.

Gears of War 3 next week, oh boy. SCRATCHED ONE GRUB. SMOKE OUT.

Sticks and stones

Well, one stone in particular. Kidney stone. Renal colic. Whatever it’s called. It’s going to get GOT. I’m gonna piss this son of a gun out. And when I do I will begin the rebuilding of SuperDel. It’s been too long since I hit the gym. It’s been a bad year for me in terms of health, but the year isn’t over yet. Pain is temporary. No car crash or jabroni little jimmy stone will stop me.


Kidney stone?

After football last night (probably my worst performance this year) I must have been punished by a god or a witch. I had a pain in my lower back on the right side, which was spreading towards my stomach and groin over 2 hours or so. It was the worst pain. Standing, sitting or lying down didn’t help. It was the most uncomfortable I have ever been :(. I’m guessing I have a kidney stone. Which I am not looking forward to pissing out :(. Help me!