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Portable Gaming War

PSP had no battery 😦

I consider myself a versatile gamer, capable of playing any game type on any system. Unlike a lot of gamers out there, I love handheld gaming and sometimes it can take over home console gaming. The ‘pick up and play’ style of games has put off many hardcore gamers into believing a portable system is worthy of housing top class games. I agree that a lot of handheld games are aimed at the casual gamer but there are great DS and PSP titles that cannot be ignored. With 3DS round the corner and Sony’s NGP coming out next year (hopefully), gaming on portable systems can rival their bigger counterparts in terms of power. Developers are already promising full game experiences on these next generation handhelds.

Handheld gaming is better then ever right? Legendary developers and companies are pulling out all the stops to continue creating those amazing games we all gamers love, putting their blood, sweat and tears into their pieces of art. And it’s all being ruined because people would rather throw a bird at pigs for 59p… Yes, I like Apple products. They have made great personal computers, phones and tablets. Yes I like some little apps that I have downloaded, that make everyday life a little easier – checking cinema times, looking up an address etc etc. But come on people. iPhones are NOT gaming devices. I almost got caught up in the iOS gaming craze. I found myself playing stupid 2 minute disposable “games” more than real 40+ hour games on my DS or PSP. Why? Because it was easily accessible and cheap. Fuck that. Since when did I get lazy when doing something I like? Do I settle for watching garbage television or do I look for a DVD to watch? I look for a DVD.

There are way to many iOS apps available out there calling themselves “games.” Apple even tried to use these statistics and compare them to DS and PSP games available. No no no. I admit there are some good games for iOS devices but come on, do they compare to the experience you get on a proper handheld? I’d rather spend my money on a game that provides me with a quality experience rather than a free advert-filled “game” that you’ll forget about after 2 minutes. I have been playing Pokemon White recently and what a game! I have played for over 29 hours and there is still plenty to do. Try telling me that you’ll play Doodle Jump for 29+ hours. If you do, you are a jabroni.

I came to a conclusion recently that most people are stupid. They only like what’s put in front of them. Me and my brother have many discussions about this, and we are constantly getting annoyed at people for liking stuff that is garbage because it’s there. People like the worst things, they are too lazy to discover anything good, wether that be music, film or video games.

All the coverage of this portable gaming war got me thinking. Why do I own an iPad? Why do I still purchase these stupid apps. I love the internet side of things with these iOS devices but for games, they can fuck themselves. Nintendo EAD of Tokyo (geniuses behind Super Mario Galaxy) are making a new 3D platformer for 3DS. Eat that Apple. Do yourself a favour and support Nintendo and Sony in the new generation of handheld gaming!

If you aren’t into handheld games, download the Mortal Kombat demo! Peace!

Backflip Studios

Back in early 2009, iOS gamers were busy throwing scraps of paper in office bins against different wind speeds. Since then, the developer masterminds at Backflip Studios have come along way with an increasing library of games.

Anyone who downloads apps will have most likely played Paper Toss, the first highly addictive game by Backflip Studios. I remember me and my friends were constantly sending screenshots of our highscores to each other. The game was well supported, with constant updates and new levels.

I have since followed Backflip Studios, downloading every game they release. They have quite a few great games, some better than others. One game worth mentioning is NinJump. This game brought back the thirst for highscores. However, with OpenFeint support (and Game Center in NinJump Deluxe) it made it easier to track your friends best attempts at scaling those towers with the brave nameless Ninja. Controversy with the game slowing down or frame skipping on older iOS devices had put people off competing for that all important top spot. When timing is very important, you need the game to run perfect. I’m lucky to have the newer devices with no performance issues.

Recently I have had a few ideas for my own apps and games for iPhone, and developers like Backflip Studios give me inspiration to go out there and make a success. Hopefully next year I will start working on developing apps. As much as I love real video games, I can’t deny the rise of mobile games. Cheap and easy to make with big results!