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I’m alright


Don’t know if anyone has heard, but my Wales adventure was cut short because I was involved in a big car crash yesterday and was in hospital. I’m ok now, walked away with minor injures. The other car had a mother, her two kids and a dog. They were all ok. My car is done though. 😦

I’m back home now, not sure if I can attend the filming in late June, which is a shame. Just as I collided with the other car, I thought I was dead. Everything went dark. I’m happy to be alive right now and am at home.

Now: Camp set up


I’m all set up. This is exciting. It’s like a mini holiday. The weather in Wales is beautiful. It’s very sunny and hot. The scenery is amazing on set and at my campsite. I have tomorrow off, so nothing but chilling is what I’ll do. Now these sheep need to shut the fuck up so I can relax.

Now: On my way to Wales


My little adventure has begun. I got all
my shit packed with me as well as the important things (my 3DS and iPad). I’m currently at a service station drinking my coffee. As you can see, I got 100 miles to go and should take 2 hours according to Mr. Tom Tom here (jabroni). Can’t wait to get today through so I can set up camp and chill. I’ll post some snaps soon. Going for a piss and then back on the road. 🙂 🙂 🙂