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Random Thoughts 03/09/11

I reckon if they let Donkey Kong loose he could have initiated the rise of the planet of the apes. Think about it, most humans cannot do up their own tie (I almost fall into this category). If an ape can successfully put on a tie, race go-karts, play the bongos, capture princess… what can he/she not do? Even his nephew is talented. Caesar is one hell of an ape but I think the Kongs are superior.

On the topic of humans, do we live our lives just to go on holiday for 2 weeks a year? We work hard and save money for what? To leave home for a few weeks to get some sun, do activities and sight see. I love going on holiday but it’s funny when you think of it that way.

VG Collection: Alleyway, Donkey Kong, Double Dragon, Kirby’s Dream Land, Super Mario Land, Tennis, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening


A shit load of Game Boy games downloaded onto my 3DS. And more coming. Got to love Virtual Console. It’s nice to play old classics when you want a break from running around Hyrule. As you can see I’ve imported my DSiWare games too. Loving the 3DS, and this is only the beginning!

Now: Talking video game music with Xav

Talking to Mr. Xavier Perez online. We are sharing trivia and memories of our favourite music from video games. Metroid, Super Mario, Donkey Kong, hell we are talking about Blast Corps as I am typing this post! People laugh at guys like us who listen to video game music, but it’s a big fucking deal. My friend, who knew I liked video game music, was shocked to see me listening to it in my car. Video game music is the real shit, get on it boys and girls. Epic stuff.