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Video Games that are proper me

Apparently, the new thing nowadays is to post something online and nominate your friends to do the same. Whether that be for charity or for fun, I sometimes follow the flock and join in. My brother nominated me to list out 10 Video Games (individual game or series) that are ‘proper me’. This task was harder than I initially thought and I did miss out obvious answers but here was my final list.

I can spend all day deciding specific games from a series that is proper me. Instead I just named 10 franchises I love and would carry the label #Deren with them.

Legend of Zelda – all
Super Mario – all
Yoshi’s Island – all
Mortal Kombat – all
Mega Man – all
Animal Crossing – all
Metroid – 2D games
Sonic The Hedgehog – 2D games
Final Fight CD – Sega Mega CD
Star Fox 64 – Nintendo 64/3DS

Honourable mentions below. Some belong to other people but I love them just as much as the next fanboy.

Super Smash Bros – all
Metal Gear Solid – all
Street Fighter – all
Tekken – all
Nights Into Dreams – Sega Saturn
WWF No Mercy -Nintendo 64
Pokémon – all

I actually think this should be voted on by close friends that would think of me when they see or play certain games.

And before you ask. No I didn’t give any money to charity. This was for fun. 🙂

VG Collection: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars is your fighting game fix for the Wii. If you have a Wii and like fighting games, get this and you won’t be disappointed. Don’t think of this as Nintendo Wii’s Street Fighter (as there are only 3 characters from the Street Figher series) but as Capcom’s latest ‘Vs. Series.’ The first good proper Wii game to use the classic controller (for me anyway…).

New hair cut (reason why I am featured in the photo) 🙂

Right now my favourite picks are Nasshan, Jun the Swan, Chun-Li, Tekkeman and MegaMan Volnutt. Probably pick Frank West (from Dead Rising) once I unlock him. Online is flawless, played a few matches with my friend Zinc which were lag free. Look forward to playing others too, hook me up with your friend codes boys!

Update: Tekkeman Blade, Zero and Joe the Condor are the real heroes of the game. Unlock them now!