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VG Collection: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS


I’ve probably bought a hundred games since I last blogged about my video game collection but this is one game I just had to scream about. A handheld Super Smash Bros. I mean isn’t that the greatest thing ever? A lot of my fellow Smash players are boycotting this version and waiting for the Wii U version. I simply couldn’t pass on having Nintendo’s fighting game in my pocket. And you know how much I love my handhelds, especially the 3DS.

A cheeky 3DS snapshot

Anyway, so far I love it. I’ve grown a liking to Pac-Man, Mega Man and of course Yoshi and Mr. Game and Watch. Looking forward to the Wii U version (which is rumoured to be released in Europe on the day I leave for Paris :'().

Games to buy in March/April 2013

I haven’t blogged in like FOREVER but I wanted to make a list of games that I want to buy in the near future and I thought I may as well make this list on here, seeing as I mainly post about video games.



Castlevania Lords of Shadows: Mirror of Fate (08/03/13)
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (22/03/13)
Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon (28/03/13)

Wii U

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (22/03/13)
Lego City: Undercover (28/03/13)
Injustice: Gods Among Us (26/04/13)

Xbox 360

Gears of War: Judgment (22/03/13)
BioShock: Infinite (26/03/13)

March is going to bankrupt me man… I think I will limit myself to only getting 2 or 3 games from above…

Stuff that video games taught me: Ghosts are scared of me


I ain’t afraid of no ghosts! If you ever see a ghastly ghost creeping towards you at the corner of your eye, don’t fear because if you look it’s way it will stop in it’s tracks. That’s what I learnt from virtually every Mario game. Just don’t turn your back on it, because that sucka will get you!

Happy Birthday 3DS

It’s just been 1 year since the launch of my much beloved 3DS and I have 18 games and 54 downloaded games (including virtual console and ambassador games). Wow. It might be too soon to say but I think Kid Icarus: Rising is quickly becoming my favourite. But a quick look on the Activity Log shows what I’ve been playing the most, no surprises there.



I look forward to another great year of handheld gaming. Might pick up a PS Vita at some point to get my portable Mortal Kombat fix! 🙂

My Pullblox Levels

Love making things with pixels. So I had to do my usual Mega Man and Samus thing on Pullblox. They make for some interesting levels as well. Anyone who has the game scan the QR code and go nuts! 🙂 I’ll make some more soon.

Apparently this is my 200th post. Wasn’t as epic as you’d think (Thanks a lot Xav)…

Part 1 of the end of my life


I’m actually glad Zelda didn’t arrive today with 3DS’ Mario adventure, gives me a chance to sink my teeth into it properly without being distracted by that gold Wii remote. Yay, more Mega Man manga. More reading to do as well. Where do I find the time? Answer is I don’t…