“What happened? What changed?”

I am the worst blogger in the world, probably. I somehow can’t maintain a blog page with all the other distractions in my hectic life (sarcasm). I have somewhat become minimalist (slowly anyway) and have started with my phone. 

I got rid of loads of apps, even ones I use often like WhatsApp. I’d rather interact with those important to me face-to-face or at least via phone call. I’ll miss out on the group chat banter, or sending voice notes and memes to friends, but I want to try an old school approach and save memories and experiences with a select few and in person. Social interactions are being ruined day by day!
I’m not going against technology though. Nintendo Switch is my new baby! I’ll post something about it soon. 

So yeah, reach me here for random reading or if there is something I really want to share or document in my life.

Keep it real! 🙃

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