Me vs. Your Smartphone

Over the last week or so I have been in quite a few different social situations where I have interacted with a range of people. Any of you that know me in the real world know that I am quite outgoing and enjoy talking to people.

What I discovered during many conversations with different people was that this activity became a contest between myself and someone’s smartphone. Competing for the person’s attention. I admit, I use my phone for a lot of things. But if I am having a conversation with someone, whether that be serious or not, I limit use of an interfering device.

Most of you all hate being cut off when your are talking right? How is this not an in-direct version of that? Too many times in the past week I have felt like I was talking to myself mid-conversation. Am I boring? Probably. I know this isn’t really a new discovery but only right now in time I think it is becoming a real problem.

I remember a time where it would be considered rude to take my Game Boy out with me wherever it was I was going. It has since become acceptable to pull out your smartphone and interact with it mid-conversation with a real person. Come on people!

Hopefully you aren’t reading this post while someone is talking to you…

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