Stuff That Sucks: Ordering Take-away Pizza

This is one thing that gets on my nerves. When you are hanging out with friends and some BRIGHT SPARK decides ordering pizza is a good idea. Even though you all know what you like and what everyone likes, you all still want to look at the menu. And then one moron asks the ultimate dumbass question.

“How many slices is a large?”

Brother, the number of slices means nothing. If you have an 18″ pizza, you can have any number of slices you want but this won’t change the amount of food you are getting. It’s just a dumb question that always seems to come up.

The whole ordering pizza process should be really easy nowadays, what with apps pouring out of anything with a screen and an internet connection. But somehow the whole process still takes 4 hours and that’s not including the delivery time.

Me and my friend Xav Perez like to push the limits of pizza ordering, discovering new ways of ordering. Trying to reach a new low in a way. Our latest venture involved ordering pizza using Xbox One. I once ordered a pizza on FaceBook too. Sad times.

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