What’s up SuperDel?

The face that runs the place. A little revamp. Probably the tenth time I have done this. Domain has changed from .org to .co.uk. I have to represent the UK right? Nothing has changed with this blog. I’m still posting the same garbage as always. WordPress have a nice little app for Mac now. Looks nice.

So what’s up with me you ask? Nothing much. Doing the usual ‘getting through life’ thing. Working quite a lot. Had a bit of a career change. I like it so far. I am running a bar in a theatre. Things are going well.

Booked a little trip to Japan. Can’t wait to go see my boy Shambam. I’ll be drinking sake, reading manga, playing video games and doing some sight seeing! Should be a trip to remember! I will let you all know if I ever find Godzilla.

Getting back in shape too. Trying to eat clean. It’s got to the point now where gym is the only fitness I am doing. Haven’t played any sports in a while. Post-knee surgery has kind of set me back. Not sure I’ll ever get serious about sports. Man is nearly 30!

So yeah, I’ll try to post more. I may even continue my 30 day challenges that I started all those months ago!


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