Day 1 – First Video Game


Some of you may remember a home computer system call Commodore 64? No? Then you are not as old as me. Well, before digital downloads, CDs and even cartridges we had to load video games with either floppy disks (and they were damn floppy too) or cassette tapes. Yeah. Cassette tapes. And they used to take a while to load too.

Anyway, the first video game that I can recall owning and playing was Batman The Movie. I’m pretty sure I had the cartridge version but it was still for the Commodore 64. I don’t even think I got passed the first level but I remember loving this game. The music alone was and still is awesome.

There were other Commodore 64 games that I had around that time but I really can’t remember what they were called. Batman The Movie by Ocean just sticks out in my memory as early video gaming. Classic times!

One thought on “Day 1 – First Video Game

  1. Ocean had such a great run with licensed games – this was before the poor cash-ins of the ps1/ps2 era . Also a fantastic example of a British software powerhouse!

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