Manga for Cyprus

I only really read books when I am on holiday or travelling. During my recent trip to USA I got really into Attack on Titan. I purchased all 15 volumes, and a few of the spin-offs. I also got into Assassination Classroom. Manga really is awesome. So here are some of the manga books I will be taking to my trip to the homeland.

Attack on Titan vol. 16: I cannot wait to read this! Hype! I will probably purchase the Junior High spin-offs at some point (even though I am avoiding them, lol).

Assassination Classroom vol. 2: This will give me some laughs and giggles. It really is one of the funniest concepts for a story I have ever seen. It’s just so random and crazy that you can’t not like it!

Death Note vol. 2: I have read half of it already, so will need to purchase the next few volumes. I know I am behind with Death Note but man is it awesome. I really want to watch the animes too but I will finish the mangas first (as should everyone).

I am behind on Game of Thrones too, need to watch the last 9 episodes. 1 episode per day in Cyprus. Perfect. Nothing like coming back from the beach for an afternoon lie down with something good to watch!

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