What I have been up to recently…

Posing with Rocky

So in April I quit my job as a Personal Trainer and travelled across USA for 3 months. Spent some time in Canada and The Bahamas. Greatest experience of my life. I really miss travelling and North America! I am back in England now and it sort of sucks. Thinking of a career change maybe.

What’s kept me going is buying an Xbox One (off my brother, thanks Denzo!) and playing Mortal Kombat X. It had to be done. Also been playing Splatoon (still trying to enjoy the game) and some other Wii U and 3DS titles.

Got addicted to reading Manga. All the Attack On Titans, some Death Note, Assassination Classroom and Street Fighter.

Discovered Lucha Underground and it has become my favourite promotion to watch. Prince Puma and Drago to name a few of my favourites! Looking forward to season 2.

Haven’t played sports or wrestled in a while. Fitness is low. Need to hit the gym again properly.

Got some film work coming up, should be good. Need to repay debts, save up money and plan next trip! Most likely Canada or Europe, or maybe even Japan!

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