Toilet paper

I use much more toilet paper when using public toilets than at home. Obviously because I don’t have to pay for it. When at home I don’t want to clog the toilet and don’t want to waste paper. Imagine how much toilet paper is wasted in public toilets? I’m surprised they’ve let it go on for so long. Imagine you were charged for how much you use, like how some super markets charge for plastic bags. Why not? They can make money from this, people will use less because no one wants to spend money when they spend a penny (see what I did there?). Less people will use public toilets, which in turn will make them cleaner. Or better yet, imagine you had to bring your own toilet paper?

If you are disappointed, disgusted or just not impressed with this blog post, then you should be glad I didn’t post a picture to go with it! #KodakMoment

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