Random Thoughts – Can I see your ID?

The world we live in today is a joke. People get upset way too easily. Speaking with Mr. Xavier Perez yesterday about Challenge 21 etc. Apparently in the world of retail, if you are checking the age of someone you now have to ask for ‘proof of age’ instead of asking for ID. Why? Because it is offensive. Or inappropriate. Bloody hell man. You are also not allowed to touch their driving license, passport or whatever ‘proof of age’ they are showing because it’s their property. It’s a joke. Too many rules for simple things. Most people wouldn’t care how you ask, it’s the asking to begin with that’s the offensive part. Even so, I see it as a compliment. You are implying that they look young. Most people want to look young. Crazy shit.

Also, I just went to Starbucks. In fact, I’m sitting in Starbucks now sipping on burnt coffee in a cardboard cup that cost be more than my iPhone case. Anyway, the chick at the till asked for my name. If she was hot I’d be on that shit but in this case she was merely average. She wrote ‘Del’ on the cup. What the fuck is this? I should have taken offensive, filed a complaint, and enforce new rules. The way things are going they won’t be allowed to look you in the eye.

Sometimes I wish we were cavemen. We’d eat, shit, fuck and kill. This cappuccino was quite nice actually.

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