Best book cover ever


I saw this in HMV and immediately found so many things funny about it.

The ‘dramatic’ headline is in a bigger font than the book’s title. David Grohl’s head replaces the ‘O’ in his name. He is wearing some standard red t-shirt. The book’s heading implies it’s about Kurt Cobain, his death or Nirvana rather than about Grohl and Foo Fighters – regardless of the book’s title being taken from Foo Fighters song ‘This is a call.’ The seriousness of the book is shit on by the FREE POSTER exclusively at HMV. The price tag is funny too (may as well be). Also, Grohl didn’t even write it, but was happy to pose for the cover. White background? Lol. Ah man. I love this cover. I might buy this book and find out how Cobain died for the millionth time. Or I could pay £3 more for some next Nirvana fanboy collectors book which was sitting beside this on the shelf!

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