Random Thoughts – Nando’s

Who loves Nando’s? Everyone. Me included. But why? It’s extremely over priced. Olives are amazing but the price is ridiculous. Fuck the stamp card, you are only saving a few quid. Their standards have gone down too. Try finding a clean plate – a hard task. And who else immediately takes a shit after eating? Ok I am not a normal person, I always go toilet straight after eating a meal, but it’s an uncomfortable slash. Especially after drowning your chicken in XXL Peri-Peri sauce. Too much detail? I don’t care, we are all human.

The sauces are great though. I love my hot sauces, have a range of all kinds at home. Might blog about them some other time.

Nando’s to me is like buying a bad video game. At first you really want it, knowing that you shouldn’t spend your money on something overpriced. You enjoy playing it at first but you gradually start regretting it. You realise it’s not good, you feel like shit and wished you had the money instead.

I’m not trying to bash Nando’s, you’d probably see me there tomorrow tucking into a whole chicken :). But life would be better if it was either cheaper or the quality was better (or both?).

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