Random Thoughts – Happy?

I was asked an interesting question yesterday while in a discussion with friends – also known as the infamous ‘Honesty Hour.’ The question being are you happy? At first I didn’t know how to perceive this. Am I happy in general or right now?

At the point of asking I was in a good mood. My stomach was full, I was with friends, I was holding my 3DS (a key factor right there). I was in no pain from the shit I’ve been complaining about these past months. So yeah I was happy. But at this point in my life I’d have to say I’m generally unhappy. I don’t like my current job, I am struggling to earn a buck, a few health problems etc etc. Basically wished a few things were different. So no I am not happy? Someone then said to me, who isn’t happy with their job? Job isn’t everything.

This all got me thinking that what we have should make us happy. Family, friends, freedom, a roof over my head, food. You have to be happy that you are even alive. As far as I’m concerned, anyone breathing should be happy.

This is a positive post it seems, I should do this more often :).

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