Random Thoughts 07/09/11

Why do us humans fear spiders so much? They hardly do harm to us, especially in the UK. We don’t have poisonous spiders here as far as I know. Sure they are creepy. They go from playing dead to sprinting quickly across the room. But despite making me jump now and then I like to have a spider or two in my room. They usually build a web in the corner and catch flies. I usually find shells or skins of various different jabroni bugs on the floor, and I am glad that my spider buddies have done the dirty work for me. I live in what used to be the garage, so I am close to the garden, where most bugs live. So I usually get lots of them in my room.

I think it’s bullshit that you swallow 8 spiders a year, or whatever the myth is. Even if you did, you don’t know about it. So who cares. I say spiders come right after dogs in the ‘man’s best friend’ scale. They help us more than be a pest. I’ve played a few video games where you see a spider’s life from their perspective, believe me, they have it worse of than us. Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor (iPhone/iPod Touch) and Deadly Creatures (Wii) are worth a look.

So next time you see a spider on your floor or wall, don’t kill it. If you are scared of it, set it free in the garden!

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