Now: Tekken Hour

Just spent the last hour or so playing through most of the Tekken games, and I have to say nothing compares to Tekken 3. Although the engine has improved over the years, I feel that at the third installment it was near perfection. It’s hard to play it at 50Hz (PAL version), might have to look into buying a cheap Japanese PlayStation and a Japanese copy of the game. Tekken 5 contains the arcade version in 60Hz (what I played just now) but I want the remixed soundtrack, all the modes and all the characters! Yes Gon too. 😛

One thought on “Now: Tekken Hour

  1. Tekken 3 was the best Tekken at the time of release and for many years after (and possibly my favourite still), but my favourite Tekken to play now is Dark Resurrection – much better than 6.

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