Injured Super

I just had my first proper gym work out today since my car crash. Although my shoulder isn’t that badly injured, I can already tell that I will struggle with exercise, sports and even work for a long time. I think it’s one of those injuries that never really goes away.

Despite my penalty save that I posted a few days ago, my performance in football was not good last week. I found it hard to dive to my left, and at times I didn’t even dive at all. My performance in the gym also wasn’t up to standard. I struggled with weight that I could usually handle and have had to cut certain exercises out of my plan.

Although this is a bad thing, things could be worse. I could have lost a limb, damaged an organ or even be dead. I could have killed those in the other car. Some people may say I am lucky. No I am not lucky I am blessed, yes. I always tell people that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. You’ve probably heard that before, it’s an old saying from somewhere. In my situation, although I got a somewhat long road to recovery, to be 100%, and am now restricted in sports and exercise, this has made me stronger. Anyone who has a constant physical pain in their bodies and lives their life to the max, to me, is a strong person. I know a few people like this. Although vulnerable, they keep up with the rest of the world and deal with their pain. That is not easy. The same goes with emotional pain, but I am just talking about physical pain right now.

Things haven’t been great for me recently, having a hard time with sorting my life out and the people in it. I was unsuccessful in getting a few jobs I applied for, which is a real shame but I won’t give up. You got to just carry on surviving and do what you got to do to enjoy the time we have on this planet. Don’t laugh but playing Ocarina of Time and reading the manga has made me think differently about life in general. I’m not going to go into detail about that though (as some of it is personal). All I will say is have power, wisdom and courage and live your life to the fullest.

R.I.P Fiat Punto – great car. But your replacement is coming soon…

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