VG Collection: Dead Or Alive Dimensions


Yes the 3DS collection grows even bigger. I’m quite the DOA fan and this game doesn’t disappoint. It’s probably the best one in the series. The online is quite good too, better than Mortal Kombat’s online on PS3/Xbox (not saying much though). The only thing missing from DOA Dimensions is the Aerosmith song ‘Dream On’ in the cutscenes. And yes Xav, 60fps when the 3D is off, but I think you have done it yourself already by now.

One thought on “VG Collection: Dead Or Alive Dimensions

  1. Been playing it since yesterday, might actually be the best DOA game as it’s basically the best of DOA 1-4 rolled into one game. 3D mode is horrible, I turn that shit off and rock the 60FPS as any fighting game fan would.
    The only real major flaw outside the horrible Chronicle mode and the CPU controlled AI buddy in tag mode is the window of time you have to counter is too large.

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