Jobber or Romeo?

It was a normal day at work yesterday (for those who don’t know, I am a bartender at a London airport). I was doing the usual serving of customers when one 20-something man next in queue was staring into space with his rucksack on one shoulder and his guitar at his feet. When I called “can I help you mate?” he sort of had a nervous side step and approached the bar. I thought it was very early, he mustn’t have had any sleep. He ordered a pint of Heineken. He told me he was very nervous. I assumed he was doing a one man show where ever he was travelling to because of the guitar. He then ordered a shot of tequila as well. I asked why he was nervous, by this point I thought he was afraid of flying. He then told me he was flying to Munich Germany to meet someone. I questioned him more, thinking he met someone online. He told me that he met a German girl visiting England, they spent 2 days and 1 night together (oi oi!) and both fell in love before she had to go back home. I proper felt for the guy. He was quite good looking, he had some Kurt Cobain thing going on. The girl must have been a stunner. He was quite nervous. Talking to the barman (the part where I am the hero) probably helped. I wished him all the best after he paid and made his way to the gate.

Now, reading what happened may have glorified the story to seem like a romantic film (reminded me of Before Sunrise) but do you think this guy was being played? Is he a jobber for going all the way to Germany to see a girl. Is it romantic? Is he a hero? Tell me what you think.

2 thoughts on “Jobber or Romeo?

  1. I guess your question is a test to see if people are romantics or a cynics. I like to think Europeans are romantics at heart. I don’t think he’s a jobber, people can connect in ways you’d think were unimaginable in such short periods of time. I’d do the same thing if I was in his position.

    You say he looked like Kurt Cobain but reading your post I picture him as Ethan Hawke 😉

  2. This guy spent 2 days with her huh? not too bad i guess, if all went wrong at least he got a good trip to Germany out of it. I would say he is more of a Romeo than a Jobber, its quite a Romantic thing he is doing.She met him in the UK and now hes gonna meet her in Germany, so they now balance each other.

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