VG Collection: My Wall of Games

Wall of Games

Yes, I have a shit load of video games. There are lots that you cannot see in this picture, like all my Game Boy games. As you can probably guess, I am totally against ‘trade-ins.’ I have only ever traded in a few games that I feel were not worth the full price when purchased new (and probably needed the money for something else!). But generally I do not trade in. I think this was due to a very risky swap back when I was young. I foolishly swapped Super Smash Bros. for N64 for WWF Attitude also on N64… At the time WWF No Mercy wasn’t out and I really wanted a wrestling game. I think that trade scarred me for life and I do not like trades or swaps. That isn’t the only reason, I love expanding my collection with video games and figurines and hate losing a space on my shelves.

I don’t like how most stores now support trade ins and preowned games. It is killing the industry. Every time I walk into a GAME or Gamestation store and want to look at the Wii section for example, I can only find about 10 new titles and the rest are preowned. If you want to buy a brand new game, you have to get it on release day, otherwise you will only ever find it as preowned – with it’s sticky damaged box and scratched disc. Yuk :(. Electronic Arts are fighting this by only letting you play online with the code you get with a brand new purchase, otherwise you have to purchase the code online. Smart EA. I know I like to purchase preowned games now and then but I am never giving up my babies in return. You can forget it pal.

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