Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for iPhone

I was very surprised to see Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 hit the App Store yesterday. I was unaware this was even being made, especially by Electronic Arts. Along with WB Games, they have brought my favourite fighting game to iPhone, well, with some changes.

For some reason or another, they totally redesigned the graphics. Now at first I was disgusted that they removed every Mortal Kombat fans favourite human 2D sprites but after playing it for quite a bit I have grown to like it. I see it as a kind of warm up for the new game coming next year.

Touch screen controls are never good, especially when it’s a fighting game. But, I must say, apart from the awkwardly placed run and block buttons, it’s not too bad. You have the option to use a 5-button layout, making special moves easier to pull off, but I prefer the 6-button layout.

Despite the lack of characters (Reptile :(), you get your usual achievements/leaderboards stuff. They have also included an extra mode called “Shao Karnage.” This is where you see how much damage you give to the son of gun in a certain time. A mode which I wish they include in the new game, for laughs anyway.

At £3.99 it is a very good purchase. Probably my favourite iPhone game! (And yes I did use my iPad for the screenshot…)

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