Virtual Console Is All I Need

Sonic in his 16-bit glory days

Tonight I thought screw it, let me download some classic games for my Wii. I went all 16-bit this time purchasing 3 games (2x SNES and 1x Mega Drive). As you can see I got Sonic & Knuckles, one of my favourite games ever. I also got Final Fight 3 and Super Castlevania. These 2 SNES games are ones I never played as a child but have always wanted to. I also recently purchased Excitebike: World Challenge, which is a fun remake of the original NES classic, with added online play. Probably the cutest game ever. It’s a lot of fun if you are an Excitebike fan.

In the shops, BioShock 2 stares at me in the face and asks “Why don’t you buy me? You know you want to!” Well listen, I’m skint right now, drop down in price and I’ll own you bitch. But who needs these new games, like this entries says, Virtual Console is all I need! 🙂

Those lucky Americans get Mega Man 10 on 1st of March. Damn, it’s getting too close, I need to finish Mega Man 9 soon. Dr Wily you punk!

If you own a Wii and haven’t explored the Wii Shop Channel, you need to. No one can be called a true gamer if they haven’t played some of the classic titles available.

Happy gaming people!

Update: With Sonic & Knuckles, you can lock-on any of the other previous Sonic games you have downloaded to it as you did with the original Mega Drive cartridges. Press (-) on the Wii remote to bring up the menu. 🙂

One thought on “Virtual Console Is All I Need

  1. First of all you should be playing Batman and if your going to buy a new game it should be Uncharted 2, not Bioshock 2.

    Virtual Console is great, I went mad the other day and wasted like £100 on points, I’ve got like over 5 screens of Virtual Console games. I don’t buy games I already own though.

    Wish they would release better games instead of games nobody cares about. I’ll play Final Fight 3 with you next time I see you.

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