Stuff That Sucks: No Entry Doors

DO NOT PRESS THIS BUTTON! What do most people want to do? Press the button. You can’t resist. When I see a door that says “No Entry” or “Private” I straight away want to know what’s on the other side. The reason why it sucks is because the door is never locked. If you aren’t permited entry to go through the door, why isn’t it locked? What if there was treasure behind the door? Aren’t you tempted to look? Have you ever looked?

A safe in a bank is locked. Why don’t they put a “No Entry” sign on the safe door and leave it unlocked. They can disguise the safe as a pointless room where no one is allowed entry. I reckon there would be less bank heists if they switched to this method of security.

No entry road signs are annoying as well but you aren’t teased with a huge gate blocking your view of that street.

Thanks for wasting your time reading this blog entry. Have a good day!

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