I Can’t Handle: Michael McIntyre

This guy seriously isn’t funny. When I see his head show up on TV I want to kill myself. He’s got a face you want to slap. HOW CAN YOU SLAP? His voice and accent annoy the hell out of me. He’s been around for 5 mins yet everyone is saying he’s a comedy legend… If this guy is a comedy legend then I’m the world champion in shot put (I was actually 3rd best in Enfield FYI)! Watch a real comedy legend (like Richard Pryor) and you’ll see what I mean.

2 thoughts on “I Can’t Handle: Michael McIntyre

  1. Strong words there.I’m gonna disagree as I think Michael McIntyre is one of the funniest people and easily the best British comedian at the moment. His humour is very observational so may not be to everyones taste

  2. if you want good observational humour watch jerry seinfeld, larry david, or better yet, woody allen 😉

    and yeah, mcintyre is extremely average, not even that lol

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