Stuff That Sucks: Half-popped Popcorn

Seriously? What’s the point? You pop in (no pun intended) the packet into the microwave to make some delicious popcorn but are disappointed when you pour it into the bowl to look like this…

Then you have to use another packet to fill it up. And to make matters worse, the second packet goes fine, and you’ve made too much… Sometimes you think you’ll put it in for longer so you’ll pop everything in there, but then you go and burn most of it. You’d think after years of making popcorn, you’d have the edge and know when to stop the microwave but fact is popcorn is unpredictable.

When I make popcorn, I eat the seeds as well (because there are always loads). Do you eat them too? Who’s with me?

One thought on “Stuff That Sucks: Half-popped Popcorn

  1. It looks full to me…oh that’s the bowl.always throws me.I think this is the popcorn company’s way of telling you to eat healthy.I’m sure there are instructions somewhere in the packaging on how to plant the seeds and grow cobs or something.oh and I don’t eat the seeds,they get stuck in my teeth

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