2010 Goals

Here is a list of things I want to achieve in the new year of 2010. I will look back and see how well I have done.

• Obtain blue belt in Jiu Jitsu
• Get a full time job as a fitness instructor or a fire fighter
• Better my personal fitness (need to get into better shape!)
• Win the 5-aside football league with Mad Gear or CagePro United (both teams I play for)
• Get a clean sheet in a game (have only done this once)
• Do more extra work, hopefully another big budget film
• Co-direct a short film with my brother
• Be happy and don’t waste time with fake people

I would be happy if I can achieve just a few of these goals. I never usually set new year resolutions because I think you shouldn’t have to wait for the new year to better yourself, but this is an exception. I hope I have inspired others to set goals to better themselves too.

Happy new year!

One thought on “2010 Goals

  1. Some great goals there.It’s good to have something to strive towards and even if you don’t achieve everything,the fact that you even have aims is already impressive.I will post a set of my goals later on tonight. So you already inspired me!

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