Wii Fit + Dogs = Fun

I recently recieved Wii Fit Plus from my partner and have been trying out it’s new features. One that I thought was worth sharing was the Pet weighing. As you can see in the snaps, it can be hard to weigh a big dog (as you have to hold them, weighing both of you, then deducting your weight).

First up was Max. This task was difficult becauce he would constantly wiggle and try to eat my hands. He drooled everywhere too. Good thing it wasn’t my Balance board! As you can see, Max had escaped my grasp and he weighed in at 0 st…

Mallie was next. If you knew these dogs, you’d think Mallie would be harder to hold (as she is almost my size and doesn’t like to be lifted). However, she allowed me to hold her for the 5 secs it takes to weigh. She weighed in at 6.5st. Yes, she is my LittleBigMallie…

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