My Fire Emblem Heroes Roster!

This is currently my roster for Fire Emblem Heroes. I will go on record and say that this is my favoutite smartphone game to date. I know I am a Nintendo fan boy but this game is very addictive! To think that this free download has finally got me into the Fire Emblem series, something not even Super Smash Bros. could do!

“What happened? What changed?”

I am the worst blogger in the world, probably. I somehow can’t maintain a blog page with all the other distractions in my hectic life (sarcasm). I have somewhat become minimalist (slowly anyway) and have started with my phone. 

I got rid of loads of apps, even ones I use often like WhatsApp. I’d rather interact with those important to me face-to-face or at least via phone call. I’ll miss out on the group chat banter, or sending voice notes and memes to friends, but I want to try an old school approach and save memories and experiences with a select few and in person. Social interactions are being ruined day by day!
I’m not going against technology though. Nintendo Switch is my new baby! I’ll post something about it soon. 

So yeah, reach me here for random reading or if there is something I really want to share or document in my life.

Keep it real! 🙃

Stuff Worth Living For: Coffee

Why do I feel like I have posted about this before?

COFFEE! *rubs face in excitement* I don’t start the day without it. I have at least 2 cups of coffee a day. I have a coffee machine at home and at work. Coffee Coffee Coffee!

I like to have a cappucino where possible. Nothing beats it. And sugar spoils it, I don’t care what you say. Save that stuff for tea or any other jabroni beverage.

Black coffee before gym in the morning. Perfect.

Skinny milk. Lacto-free milk.

I am sipping on a cappucino from Costa as we speak.

Coffee shops! You don’t feel like you over stay your welcome (maybe Alexei does) #Shoot

Yeah, drink up, your coffee is getting cold mate.

Yeah, why not…

Me vs. Your Smartphone

Over the last week or so I have been in quite a few different social situations where I have interacted with a range of people. Any of you that know me in the real world know that I am quite outgoing and enjoy talking to people.

What I discovered during many conversations with different people was that this activity became a contest between myself and someone’s smartphone. Competing for the person’s attention. I admit, I use my phone for a lot of things. But if I am having a conversation with someone, whether that be serious or not, I limit use of an interfering device.

Most of you all hate being cut off when your are talking right? How is this not an in-direct version of that? Too many times in the past week I have felt like I was talking to myself mid-conversation. Am I boring? Probably. I know this isn’t really a new discovery but only right now in time I think it is becoming a real problem.

I remember a time where it would be considered rude to take my Game Boy out with me wherever it was I was going. It has since become acceptable to pull out your smartphone and interact with it mid-conversation with a real person. Come on people!

Hopefully you aren’t reading this post while someone is talking to you…

Stuff That Sucks: Ordering Take-away Pizza

This is one thing that gets on my nerves. When you are hanging out with friends and some BRIGHT SPARK decides ordering pizza is a good idea. Even though you all know what you like and what everyone likes, you all still want to look at the menu. And then one moron asks the ultimate dumbass question.

“How many slices is a large?”

Brother, the number of slices means nothing. If you have an 18″ pizza, you can have any number of slices you want but this won’t change the amount of food you are getting. It’s just a dumb question that always seems to come up.

The whole ordering pizza process should be really easy nowadays, what with apps pouring out of anything with a screen and an internet connection. But somehow the whole process still takes 4 hours and that’s not including the delivery time.

Me and my friend Xav Perez like to push the limits of pizza ordering, discovering new ways of ordering. Trying to reach a new low in a way. Our latest venture involved ordering pizza using Xbox One. I once ordered a pizza on FaceBook too. Sad times.

Who’s The Mack?

If you really want to test if your stereo speakers are working properly, you could play the first level in Street of Rage 2 but I know a better way. Play Mark Morrison’s song ‘Who’s The Mack?’ and less than a minute into the song listen out for the clearest, loudest and greatest KISS MY TEETH you’ll ever hear.

Listen for yourself (at around 0.30):

I used to listen to Mark Morrison back in my primary school days. Early hip-hop, alongside Coolio. Good times!